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HAVYN’s mission is to create high-vibrational music that bridges consciousness and contemporary music.


Conscious R&B or Urban R&B are some of the labels used to define the duo’s music. HAVYN consists of producer / multi-instrumentalist, Shaquille Headley, and songstress / co-producer, Sydney Love. This ethereal couple released their debut EP in November 2017 and won the title of “Urban Artist of the Year” at the 2018 Western Canadian Music Awards. 


Currently living in British Columbia, Canada, HAVYN credits the distinctive topography as a huge source of inspiration for their music. You will find elements of the oceans, lakes, trees, mountains, and animals throughout the music’s artwork, songs, and videos. 


The songwriting expresses an authentic account of the couple’s life together, their love, partnership, and the spiritual awakening process. Sultry grooves are combined with organic components such as acoustic guitar, hang drum, didgeridoo, and nature sounds. Even their small dog, Santana, is featured barking, growling, and occasionally squeaking. You will find musical similarities to artists such as Smino, Drake, Jhene Aiko, Sabrina Claudio, Gallant, and Mose, but you will also find an incomparable vibe in HAVYN’s music. It’s fresh, innovative, deeply spiritual, transformative, and healing. 


Their live performance offers listeners a truly invigorating experience, as audiences bear witness to the couple’s love and passion for each other, the human experience, and the way music is the power that heals all.


Their most recent sing, “Mountain”, released on August 21, 2020, is a vulnerable affirmation of reverence to the energies on the planet at this time and a declaration of being open and ready to move into the unknown. The visual accompaniment represents the strength, beauty and eternity that is presented to us all throughout Nature. It represents wholeness and Universal balance that exists within us and the cosmos.


Their first full-length album, “Things Feel Lighter” is set to release in February 2021. Until then, you can look out for their next single, “First Impressions” which is scheduled to release October 30, 2020.



Peace & Love

HAVYN Magenta EP Artwork
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