"Roots" Exclusive Bracelet 2

Sandalwood, Garnet, Amazonite


Grounding and high vibrational, this bracelet was made to celebrate the Spring Equinox and the release of HAVYN's newest single, "Roots"

Sandalwood is a sacred wood used extensively in modern times for incense, aromatherapy, carvings, malas (prayer beads), Ayurvedic medicine, perfumes, and essential oils. It is said to bring one closer to the Divine and enhances meditation. This stunning wood is known to help enhance clairvoyance, divination, good luck, meditation, protection, and success. The scent helps relax the mind and promotes a restful night's sleep.

Garnet is the ultimate root chakra stone. Deep red in color, it is a powerful energizer and purifies and balances energy. Inspiring love, devotion, and regeneration, it is a wonderful purifier of the mind and spirit. 

Amazonite is an incredibly beautiful stone that helps soothe stress, enhances loving communication, and blocks and absorbs nasty electromagnetic pollution (cell phone rays and microwaves). Amazonite helps you realize your truths and helps you speak them. It rejuvenates the throat and chakra. 

$25 CAD

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