"Roots" Exclusive Bracelet 3

Garnet & Black Lava Stone


Grounding and high vibrational, this bracelet was made to celebrate the Spring Equinox and the release of HAVYN's newest single, "Roots". 

Garnet is the ultimate root chakra stone. Deep red in color, it is a powerful energizer and purifies and balances energy. Inspiring love, devotion, and regeneration, it is a wonderful purifier of the mind and spirit. 

Lava Stone is formed from molten lava, it contains an intense amount of strength and grounding power, as well as the element of fire. Lava connects us to the earth and grounds us and protects us. This is a great root chakra stone. 
It stabilizes the emotions and is known to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded emotional layers. 

$25 CAD

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